Our Mission

Each One Matters provides vocational training for women who are at risk of trafficking or are freed survivors of trafficking.  We provide vocational training in textiles, manufacturing, fashion design, and jewelry design.  Through it's mother organization, The Jubilee market,  seven vocational training centers have been established across India, some producing sari quilts and other textile products, and others working in jewelry production. 

Those centers that focus on sari quilts send their fabric to the US where they are used for vocational training in the Each One Matters sister program, Emerge, which provides vocational training to those who are seeking freedom from trafficking or other forms of bondage including generational poverty, indebtedness, addiction, and recidivism.  This training includes clothing design, sewing, agribusiness, computer literacy, culinary arts, or jewelry making.  All goods made at The Jubilee Market vocational training centers domestically and internationally are sold at Each One Matters.

Your PURCHASE is gives someone else PURPOSE and changes their destiny.